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Making a Reservation

I was going on a business trip, so I called a hotel to make a reservation. Unfortunately, I mis-dialed the phone number. Instead of getting the hotel, I got some restaurant. The person who answered probably said "Such-and-Such Restaurant" and not "Whatever Hotel", but I wasn't paying attention and didn't notice. Restaurants also take reservations, leading to a conversation that went something like this. (I didn't record it so these aren't the exact words, but it went basically like this.)

Me: I'd like to make a reservation for next week.

Restaurant: Certainly sir. What day?

Me: Monday through Friday.

Restaurant: You mean every day, Monday to Friday?

Me: Umm, yes.

Restaurant: Okay. What time will you be arriving on Monday?

Me: About six o'clock.

Restaurant: Okay. And what time will you be arriving on Tuesday?

Me: What do you mean?

Restaurant: What time do you plan to get here on Tuesday?

Me: No, I'll be arriving on Monday.

Restaurant: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you said you wanted a reservation for Tuesday also.

Me: I do, Monday through Friday.

Restaurant: So what time will you be arriving on Tuesday?

Me: Well, I'll still be there.

Restaurant: Still be there?

Me: Well, yeah. I'm not going to leave and come back.

Restaurant: You mean you want to stay all night?

Me: Well, yeah, of course.

Restaurant: But we close at nine.

Me: So? You're not going to throw everybody out at nine, are you?

Restaurant: Uh, we can't let people stay after closing.

Me: What's the point of even coming if I can't spend the night?

Restaurant: Uh, most people just eat their dinner and go home.

Me: I'm not worried about food. I just want a place to sleep.

Restaurant: You want to sleep at the restaurant?

At this point the confusion began to clear up and we both had a good laugh. I was thinking, What kind of hotel orders everyone out of their rooms at sundown? He was thinking, What kind of nut wants to sleep at a restaurant?

© 2009 by Jay Johansen


Jerry Nov 9, 2015

This is funny LOL

RLTjiEZgXH Mar 25, 2018

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Beverly Vleck Apr 15, 2018

That was good

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