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I don't understand women very well at all, but I did get smart once.

I was chatting with the lady I was dating at the time. I started to mention a magazine article I had just read about some recent discovery in astronomy. But then I paused, knowing that I sometimes go into long technical discussions that bore people out of their minds, and said, "Well, I don't know if you're interested in astronomy".

She took this to mean, "I don't know if you're smart enough to understand astronomy", and was insulted. I tried to explain that I meant exactly what I said, that I didn't know if she was interested in the subject. But she just wouldn't let go. She went on and on about how she wasn't stupid, why did I think she was stupid, etc etc. She took all my explanations as excuses, my efforts to weasel out of having let slip that I thought she was stupid.

But finally I got an inspiration. "Okay," I said, "I'm sorry. It's just that there's this stereotype that all incredibly beautiful and sexy women must be dumb, and sometimes it's hard to get past that."

That explanation satisfied her.

© 2003 by Jay Johansen


Comfort Jul 23, 2014

This is way more helpful than annhtiyg else I've looked at.

RLTjiEZgXH Mar 25, 2018

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Beverly Vleck Apr 26, 2018

I haven't laughed do in quit awhile,as I have today. Need to remember to read your writing...when needing a pick-me-up.

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