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The Paradox of Modern Liberalism: An Example

I had a conversation with a liberal a few days ago about health care. It went about as you might expect:

He was outraged about Republican plans to scale back Obamacare, especially proposals to reduce regulations on insurance companies. He said that we needed the government to protect us from being exploited by these big corporations.

I said that if we had a true free market for insurance, then if a consumer like him or me didn't like the policy offerred by our insurance company, we could go somewhere else. But if the government runs insurance, then we have no choice. What if the government adopts bad policies?

He said that wasn't a danger. The government is democratically elected, so it must follow the will of the people.

At which point I said, What? Wait! You say that you have no fear of bad government policies because our government is democratically elected. So ... why are you protesting against these policies that you don't like? You are furiously angry about a bad government policy, and you think this government policy is bad because it fails to recognize that government policy is always and inevitably good.

He never replied to that.

This is the paradox of modern American liberalism. They say that our government is a tool of the rich and powerful. The rich use the government to exploit the poor. The government is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the big corporations. The whole system is totally evil and corrupt. And their solution is: Let's give the government more power and control! Every past government program has been taken over by the special interests. But if we just create a new, bigger program that gives the government even more power over people's lives, it just naturally and inevitably will be run totally for the good of the common person, with complete fairness and justice.

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Amanda Lockwood Jul 25, 2017

My name is Amanda Lockwood and this was
how i joined the Illuminati few years back after been introduced to john
by a friend i went through college with,what a small world they say.
cut the long story short before i got enlightened,3 years ago after my
wedding i engaged myself in a deal which never gave back the little i
invested in,expectations became disappointments every minute and
hour,all hope became lost and all friends became foe, it is true they
say in what ever you find yourself doing prayers,faith and backings
should always be taken as a number one concern or belief to always rely
on and that i have chosen and followed through the help of Mr john to
follow,learn and look to the light.
Immediately i got in contact with
john i became renewed,i did all my best in trusting him and carrying
out all what was expected to be initiated into the family, trust me all
steps was amazing and smooth just as i read before taking my steps.
A true member of the NWO doesn't go around advertising recruitment or
giving out sites for initiation we all meet in one or two destined
ways,Please ignore any one claiming to be an agent of the Illuminati
behind mirrors and contact the Email below for enlightenment if needed
or interested on for better living...

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