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Ban Bossy

There's a campaign going on right now with the slogan, "Ban Bossy". The gist of the campaign is that "bossy" is an insult applied to women who try to be leaders, and that such insults intimidate women from trying to achieve leadership roles, and so people should stop using this word.

So ... a group of women are saying that they don't like being called bossy, they are not bossy, and you people had better stop calling them that RIGHT NOW!

So okay, seriously: If you think that you could have become a great and inspiring leader except that somebody said mean things and this made you run home crying ... I'm sorry, but you would never have become a great leader. If you have to ask people around you for permission and approval before you do something, that is pretty much the definition of being a follower, not a leader. Many great leaders have been ridiculed and attacked and told that their plans were hopeless or stupid. What makes them great leaders is that they didn't care what others said, but pursued their own goals and dreams despite opposition. That's what it means to be a leader.


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