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Homeschooling is a growing movement in the United States. One study estimates that there are now one million home schooling families.

But critics of homeschooling point out some drawbacks that should be considered. In this article I attempt to summarize these.

Takes a lot of time

Homeschooling takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the parents. It is well known that parents today spend far too much time with their children, especially fathers. Homeschooling wastes valuable time that could be better spent making money or watching television.

Lack of peer interaction

Homeschooled children do not have the opportunity to associate with large groups of other children their age. Thus, they miss out on many potential socialization experiences. When young people get together, they are able to pool their ignorance, and inspire each other to do things that few would have the courage to do on their own, like experiment with drugs or sex or gang violence. Homeschooled children miss out on these opportunities.

Parents not qualified to teach

Most parents are not certified teachers or members of the National Education Association, and thus are not qualified to teach. Public schools today continually demonstrate a high quality of education, with over half the high school graduates able to read and write, and many able to do simple arithmetic.

Endangers the public school system

As more and more parents withdraw their children from public school to put them into private- or home- schools, state funding of public education falls and support for school levies dwindles. Homeschoolers continue to insist that this is irrelevant because their children are, in fact, getting an education. But this misses the point. Every homeschooled child means that much less need for bureaucrats and administrators in the public schools, which means that some of these highly-paid, important people might eventually lose their jobs. Do homeschoolers think that public school personnel should be happy just because children are being well-educated? They seem to think that the purpose of public schools is to educate children! Of course the important thing is to provide jobs for professional educators and thus keep them off the welfare rolls.

Danger of indoctrination

Homeschooling parents might indoctrinate children in their social, religious, or political beliefs. This is clearly a serious threat, because most American parents are generally politically conservative, and either Christians or sympathetic to Christianity. In the public schools, on the other hand, children will only be indoctrinated in politically correct idealogies, humanist liberalism.

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Beverly Vleck Apr 15, 2018

Children who have been homeschooled, generally score higher than their public school counterparts.

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