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Is Christianity a Crutch?

I've often heard people say that Christianity is a crutch for people who can't cope with life.

I can only say, Wow, you have no idea what Christianity is all about. Have you even listened to the claims of Christianity before ridiculing it?

Christianity is not a crutch for someone with a twisted ankle. It is a life support system for someone with massive organ failure.

If you think that what's separating you from God and from joy in life is the equivalent of a twisted ankle, you're not ready for Christianity. You don't begin to understand how desperate your situation is.

You are a miserable sinner in need of salvation. You think that God overlooks your little "mistakes". You don't for a moment comprehend his holiness. You think he's impressed by your great accomplishments. God created the universe. He is not awed by your little crayon drawings.

Perhaps at some point you will really hit rock bottom. You may find yourself living in a cardboard box under a bridge, or lying drunk in the gutter, or rotting in jail, or lying on your deathbed. Or maybe you'll look around your fancy house full of expensive toys and realize that they don't satisfy. Or you'll watch the person you love most in the world walk out the door and know they're never coming back. Or you'll look at your string of one-night stands and realize that the pleasure didn't even last the night. Then you will understand how serious your situation is, and how desperately you need help. When you realize that what you need is not a band-aid but emergency surgery, come and talk to us. You may not accept our solution, but at least you'll understand what we're talking about.

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Beverly Vleck Apr 24, 2018

Right on!!! As a person who doesn't believe or follow God, they can become complacent in life. Satan is happy with that. But when a person begins to follow and believe God's teachings and repent of their sin.... That is when Satan can cause the sinfulness of this world to attempt to harm us. When we faithfully follow God and His teachings, and live a life that honors Him, that is when Satan will try to cause us (if possible) to give up our faith. But if we are true believers...we will persevere. Like Christian in PILGRIMS PROGRESS!

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