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The problem with greed is not that the greedy person enjoys material things too much. The problem is that the greedy person enjoys material things too little.

The greedy person always wants more. He never enjoys what he has because he is never satisfied with what he has. He always thinks that once he gets a faster computer, a fancier car, a bigger house, or whatever the latest toy is that he desperately wants, once he gets this, then he will be happy. But he never is. It always fails to satisfy, and so he goes chasing off after something else.

This is why the Bible tells us to be content. This doesn't mean that you should never try to get anything new or better than what you have. It does mean that you should enjoy the blessings God has given you, and not be obsessed with getting more.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the blessings God gives us, whether that is health, a good book, or a big screen TV. Provided, that is, that we do it with the proper attitude. Of course God will be displeased if we are ungrateful, or never satisfied, or if we pretend we did it all ourselves, or act like we deserve it. But God wants us to enjoy his gifts. To enjoy the good things God gives us with an attitude of thankfulness is an act of worship.

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Tunahan Jul 24, 2014

Yeah, that's right. It's the bloody IRS that Shackles us all. All was well berofe the 16th amendment. All well if you had your health, control of allergies, a strong immune system and an ability to haul arse, do good work, cyber Stats and on and on. MY point, 9-9-9 as Mr. Cain expounds could be the answer, more cash in every bodies pocket sans public service workers who would be out of work and searching for real jobs that produce not suck.Back to mowing my yard, ya can't smoke it ya just cut it...drag..Peace out, good day for a Plaza demonstration, mid 70's gentle breeze. Ciao ajf

Afifah Oct 3, 2015

i have always been open to dirfnfeet concepts of the human psyche,personally,socially and politically.growing up in the south of these united states of america as a young african american,deciphering the inner workings of the human being that would have an affect on my life has often been a given.taking what is good and right and true to best of my ability acccording to what i believe is my GOD inspired right.even when i didn't need the press or anyone else to tell that a person n authority,didn't have my best interest,i respected there position,took what was good for me ,used that to continue to build on my own convictions.i'm just saying,that i have never seen any president labeled guilty before he could be proven innocent that he does not want what is best for america.there is a history of many evil and inhumane things done n this country by people n authority and there has never been much wind pushing a witch hunt to their front door. i have evolved as an american and as a human being,aware that knowledge is a powerful tool n judgement of character and successful decisons.i don't know everything about u,dani, but i believe that what u r doing for others,just like myself and reaching out to help others b successful as u have is a principle that comes far above politics,but from the creator of us all,love,respect,and appreciate what u are doing to help others.

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