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Get Out of Meeting Free

Do you have to go to endless, pointless meetings?

Not any more! Just give your boss one of these handy "Get Out of Meeting Free" cards, and head back to your desk to do some useful work!

Hey, you never know. It's just dumb enough that it might work. Of course, if you try this and your boss tells you that you need not worry about any further responsibilities on this job, I disclaim any responsibility. (Hmm, maybe next I'll work on a card reading, "Go to unemployment office, go directly to unemployment office, do not pass personnel department, do not collect severance pay.".)

I've made these cards in "business card size" instead of standard "Monopoly ® card size", so that I could easily print them on business card stock.

Feel free to download the small GIF used for the picture at the top of this web page, a bigger GIF version of one card, or a PDF version that's set up to print on business card stock.

Note: I've made them with a yellow background, for the simple reason that the card stock I have is all white. If you have yellow stock available, I'd be happy to make you a version with a blank background. If you actually have a pre-punched yellow business card stock I'd be interested in hearing where you got it. It would sure save on the yellow ink tank in my printer when I made these things.

© 2003 by Jay Johansen


Alyssa Jul 23, 2014

That's an innouiegs way of thinking about it.

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