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Non-Controversial Movies

Which of the following movie themes do you think would be controversial or outright offensive?

  1. A movie that glorifies homosexuality (Philadelphia)
  2. A movie that glorifies communism (Reds)
  3. A movie that glorifies prostitution (Pretty Woman)
  4. A movie that glorifies military dictatorship (The Last Samurai)
  5. A movie that glorifies molesting children (American Beauty)
  6. A movie that glorifies Jesus Christ (Passion)

If you're a member of America's current Hollywood and cultural elite, of course the correct answer is 'F'. The rest are all great art. Anyone who criticizes 'F' is standing up for tolerance, integrity, and the American Way. Anyone who criticizes one of the others is a narrow-minded bigot.

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Hovik Jul 23, 2014

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Yayat Nov 26, 2015

Been a Star Trek fan since the late 80's and this movie is a piece of shit.The common ropnesse from serious trekkies is that as a stand alone film it was well produced and a good cast, however, the writing was a total piece of garbage.J.J. Abrams thinks that his lack of knowledge on Star Trek is something that has helped the Star Trek franchise, but it has NOT.If he had any idea what it was about he would have wiped his asshole with that script.Here's the HUGE plot holes I've read and discovered thus far:1. Story line is destroyed2. Simple mining vessels are not usually heavily armed, especially with retarded shattering missiles.3. It is not possible to traverse space via a blackhole let alone time. Wormholes sure.4. Considering only a droplet of this never before seen "Red Matter", lame name by the way, is needed to collapse a star, an ignition of the entire supply of that stuff which seemed like alot would have produced a super massive blackhole the size of which would have engulfed the Earth's entire solar system even after being at warp for several seconds. :)5. Physics Violation, Supernovas happen all the time in every galaxy and are far to small to threaten the entire galaxy!Also, supernovas dissipate after awhile in reality, but even if this magically super fueled supernova had continued to expand and destroy shit it's diameter would have grown to such a size that the blackhole Spock created would have only absorbed a small portion of it.It is more likely that the detonation of the entire red matter supply would had a far better chance of destroying an entire galaxy than the supernova itself.6. Regardless of what race in the Star Trek universe, space bearing ships are not usually constructed with floating platforms over deadly pitfalls that allow for dramatic leap scenes, well except for the Borg but even they had the good sense to add hand rails.7. Temporal Mechanics Violation.8. Ships with spinning circular rings are not cool.I'm sure there are many more, but I don't care. I was depressed when I left the theaters.Throughout the movie I kept waiting for Spock to telekenetically saw through Nemo's skull and mind meld out his ability for idiotic reasoning.How the hell would someone want revenge for trying to stop a catastrophic supernova??Because he was expected somehow to both stop the event and at the same time save Romulus? Impossible.I reject this reimagined shithole, and file it under alternate reality nonsense as I am sure many true fans have already as well.

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