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Are You a Biologist?

As I'm sure you are aware, this is a movement in the US today that says we should accept transgender people as being their chosen sex. If a man wants to be a woman, than we should call him "she" and he should be allowed to use the girls locker room and so on. And likewise if a woman wants to be a man.

Every now and then a pro-science person will object, saying, "But he's not a woman. He's a man." I've seen a number of instances where a pro-trans person will reply to this objection by demanding, "Are you a biologist?"

I can think of at least three responses to this question.

One is the response that I have heard the pro-science person give every time this challenge is posed. They say something to the effect of, "Oh brother. I don't have to be a biologist to tell a man from a woman. Any more than I have to be a biologist to tell a camel from a cow."

But another response I would love to hear someone give is, "Wait, are you saying that the question of whether someone is a man or a woman is a matter of biology? I thought your position was that it was a matter of personal preference and feelings."

But most of all, I would love to try this reply: "Yes, I am a biologist. I identify as the world's leading biologist." I'm guessing they would then challenge my credentials, asking what my college degree was in or what my job was. If they don't, if they accept this self-identification, then I have completely defused their rebuttal. If they do challenge me, I would then reply, "Wait, I thought your position was that a person's self-identification cannot be questioned. Are you saying now that we can apply objective criteria to a person's self-identification? That if, say, he does not have a college degree in biology than it would be untrue for him to call himself a biologist? But then by the same reasoning, if someone has XY chromosomes and male sex organs, we can use those objective facts to declare his claim to be a woman to be untrue." I wonder what their response would be. I'm guessing something along the lines of, "But that's different ..."

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