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Obamacare IS a Success

Some people are saying that Obamacare is a failure. That's crazy! Obamacare is an outstanding success by every relevant measure:

  1. It has provided jobs for bureaucrats and lawyers.
  2. New regulations on hospitals, doctors, and drug companies mean that they will have to lobby Congress and the administration to get rules beneficial to them, or at least that cause them less harm. This means more campaign contributions for politicians!
  3. It's provided a vehicle for the government to impose new taxes. Every insurnace policy now includes a new tax to help fund Obamacare. Plus, it gives a new argument against tax cuts: if you're for a tax cut, that means you don't care if people die.
  4. It provides subsidies to deserving groups, like homosexuals and drug users. Now every insurance policy must cover AIDS and drug rehabilitation, there's no longer an option to pay a lower premium by accepting exclusions on such coverage. Just because you don't engage in behavior that puts you at risk of a certain medical problem is no reason why you shouldn't have to pay for those who do. That's what real freedom is all about: making other people pay for your lifestyle choices. There are some things in there for transgenders, too.
  5. It takes medical decisions out of the hands of dangerously unqualified people -- like patients and doctors -- and puts it where it belongs: with bureaucrats in Washington. It's amazing that this country has gone so long allowing people like doctors, who usually have no training or experience in politics, to make medical decisions. How would the average doctor know how to exploit an epidemic to benefit the Democratic Party?
  6. It has given the government more control over people's lives. It is now up to politicians and bureaucrats to decide what medical care is covered and what drug research is funded. With a little time and effort, we can create a system where anyone who challenges the government dare not get sick or injured, as we'll be able to tie him up in red tape until he dies.

I suppose some will say that there is the drawback that increasing the cost and delays in medical care means more people will suffer and die. But this isn't really a big deal, as the elites will still get good medical care. The only people who will suffer are the peasants, and they don't matter. Some worry that poor people are more likely to die and poor people tend to vote Democrat. But this needn't be an issue: being dead has never stopped someone from voting Democrat in the past.

(Yes, sarcasm.)

© 2016 by Jay Johansen


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