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I saw a letter-to-the-editor in a local paper (the Dayton Daily News) recently that warned about the danger posed by the Religious Right in America. "We can't allow our churches to become politicized, or allow our government to be turned into a theocracy," the writer warned. "The Taliban and the Islamic fundamentalists are examples of what can happen if we follow that path." You don't have to read that particular paper to hear such warnings: we've heard many such, especially since the 2004 election.

Yes, those religious extremists are all the same. Catholic extremists have hijacked just as many airplanes as Moslems. And we've all seen the news stories of innocent children killed by Baptist suicide bombers. Oh wait, that never happened, did it?

You don't trust American Christians because of the atrocities of Islamic terrorists? That's a little like saying that you don't trust black people after seeing what was done by "other racial extremists" like the Ku Klux Klan. Or that you don't trust American Democrats after seeing what was done by "other political extremists" like the Nazis. I am occasionally embarrassed when an ally does something stupid, but I refuse to take the blame for the crimes committed by my enemies. Especially when they are crimes committed in the process of attacking me.

I'd be more justified in saying that I am afraid of what might be done in the name of fighting Christian extremists, after seeing how many Christians were killed for their faith in ancient Rome, Stalin's Soviet Union, or in Moslem countries today.

Funny how persecution always seems to start with shrill warnings about the need to "save the country" from a dangerous minority. Are you trying to create a climate of hate against a religious minority?

© 2004 by Jay Johansen


Sondos Jul 23, 2014

Vidrigt att se detta. Vad tror folk att det kommer att sluta? Att man lever lylckiga sida vid sida, knappast. Den enda utge5ngen av detta e4r att Islam kommer att starta ett utrensningkrig mot vettiga me4nniskor.ske5nepe5g anonym.Tyve4rr se5 har jag inga andra bevis e4n mitt och frugans "hje4rnkontor"! Skall kolla pe5 diverse ste4llen pe5 Internet och se om jag fe5r fram ne5got. Bf6rjar bli glf6msk, se5 kanske inte se5 le5ngt tillbaka i tiden trots allt?Troligtvis var det pe5 SkyNews eller BBC World som detta rapporterades. Vi skaffade satellitmottagare med motordriven parabol redan 1996 och har haft tillge5ng till ett "bredare" nyhetsmateriel sedan dess. Kollar ne4sta aldrig pe5 svenska nyhetskanaler.Ber att fe5 e5terkomma om jag hittar ne5got under kve4llen.

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