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Obama on Bitterness, Religion, and Intolerance

Sure, I'd heard that Barack Obama had made some disdainful comment about people who are bitter and cling to religion and hate people who aren't like themselves. But I didn't think much of it. Then a middle American, working class friend of mine said that he was offended by this remark and he was surprised that I wasn't also.

"Ohhh!" I replied. "Was he talking about us? I thought he was talking about Jeremiah Wright."

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Toty Dec 24, 2015

How do you question wheethr or not you're intersex??? That's literally a mix of gender traits or chromosomes. You don't question it, it's a plain physical fact you can observe. I just can't understand how anyone could be so stupid to not realize how grossly insensitive, cruel and sadistic it is to further victimize someone who was born intersex. Haven't those people been through enough, they also have to deal with ignorant and intolerant religious assholes that can't understand anything that doesn't fit into their neat little fantasy world!? I just don't have words for how angry this makes me.

Dale Dec 25, 2015

You seem to be confusing sex-related genetic abnormalities, like XXY's, with trans-sexualism, which I don't think are related. But let's suppose that there is a genetic basis for people being confused or ambivalent about their sexual identity. So what? Suppose it could be absolutely proven that racism had a genetic basis, that there is a "Klan gene". How would that change how you think society should react to racism? Christians aren't trying to "victimize" transsexuals. We want to help them to overcome their problems and lead normal, healthy lives. If someone is addicted to cocaine, I don't think the solution is to tell him that we respect his addiction and we encourage him to continue to use cocaine. We want to help him overcome his addiction.

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