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A Strong Stand on Terrorism

Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Americans have been concerned about the threat of another attack.

Now the Obama administration is taking a strong stand on terrorism. They have announced that they will put officials from the Bush administration who said that harsh interrogation tactics were legal on trial.

That's right. Terrorists attack America. The Bush administration worked to track down and punish the terrorists. The new administration wants to track down and punish the people who authorized tracking down and punishing terrorists.

This is, of course, not the first time that the party in power has tried to put its political opponents on trial. But to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that such a political trial in America has not made even a pretense of being about corruption. No, the Democrats today openly state that they will put officials of the previous administration on trial for disagreeing with them about a political policy. There is not even a trumped-up claim that someone took bribes or accepted illegal campaign contributions or revealed the identity of an intelligence operative. The only question to be decided at these trials is: Did the official in question disagree with President Obama? If he is convicted of this crime, he will go to prison.

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Bilal Jul 24, 2014

a failure or reafusl to comprehend revolutionary Islamism or the bureaucratic fear of taking on the enemy. While the examples provided are a bit dated, the HRC-types of apparatchiks imposing fear upon us of being politically incorrect continues to be at the root of needless mistakes. The Fort Hood murderer is a more recent example of that. We cannot win a war if we won t name the enemy. Furthermore, political correctness is a problem for our society far beyond the issue of Islamist extremism. We the people have to become more outraged by repetitive acts against us by our own bureaucracies. Moreover, the root of this problem isn t going to be fixed by the same politicians who got elected on the tide of multiculturalism and its weapon of political correctness to shut down any dissent about failed cultures that we are expected to keep propping up with our success. We have to fix this problem ourselves. The Islamists would have collapsed by now but the West props it up by the toxic combination of our oil purchases funding despots who in turn fund terrorism. But those aren t the only areas we prop up. Closer to home we prop up HRCs which shut down dissent. We prop up the CBC which broadcasts twaddle about the West being the source of all that is wrong with the world. We do the same by propping up Separatist parties with the hard earned funds of Canadian patriots. We need to refuse to fund these entities whose primary aim is to destroy our way of life. In short, the weapon of political correctness isn t only used to prevent us from tackling the Islamofascists; it is used against us on a daily basis by elitists who want to rule us. We need to change our behaviour and speak our minds, which is the strength of the Tea Parties because it assembles like minded people to counter decades of bureaucratic rot.

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