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Guess which one Germany intercepted at the border?

The German government blocked a shipment of fidget spinners from entering the country. This is a children's toy that ... spins. Government officials are worried that children might hurt themselves playing with this toy.

Meanwhile, Germany continues to admit millions of radical Muslims, despite the fact that many of these immigrants are committing violent crimes against native Germans and each other. The crime rate in Germany has increased by 65% since they opened the door to these "refugees". Vandalism, assault, and rape are becoming common.

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Fidget spinner: ID 96400500 © Vesna Boskovic | Dreamstime
Terrorist: ID 30456188 © Vladyslav Starozhylov | Dreamstime

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Tammy Aug 10, 2017

Jay,when you have people saying we can't live in fear and the thought process in some being, we must do the Christian thing and help mankind. "Obama", just recently said that we should all hope for open borders every where, that way we would be giving the unfortunate a chance at a better life. I say at what cost, how many people must be raped, robbed from radical Muslims. How many terrorist attacks must take place before mankind realizes you can not help every one. If they want to help the unfortunate, I say charity starts at home. There are a lot of family's right here in the US that need fed and clothed and that are homeless. I shake my head and wonder why countries including ours would take on more refugees and immigrants when we our national debt is beyond repair. How can we financially take care of 50,000+ more immigrants or refugees. I do not think they are going to let President Trump have his way with the immigration laws. I am really afraid of what the outcome is going to be. I know the citizens of Germany are not happy about there government letting in millions of radical Muslims and there government did not care how they felt about it. The citizens of Germany will have to endure these consequences for a long time to come. there will be shortages of jobs, food and government assistance that was there for citizens will now be in jeopardy. I am sure this will affect there housing, student loans, food stamps education, medical care, the list will go on and on. America will have the same problem if they continue to let in more people. Our goverment

Tammy Aug 10, 2017

sorry Jay I hit submit by accident. Our government has to pass a spending budget for everything, where are they going to get the money to help all these people.

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