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Settled Questions

When liberals win a political battle -- when Congress passes the law they want or the courts rule in their favor or whatever -- than the fight is over, the question is settled, the decision has been made, this is now the law of the land. When liberals lose a political battle, they describe it as a setback. The fight continues, the question is still under debate, we are still struggling to reach a decision, the law must be repealed or amended.

When liberals win a battle, they expect conservatives to concede defeat forever. But when they lose a battle, do they concede defeat? Of course not. They continue to fight.

© 2015 by Jay Johansen


Kharade Nov 25, 2015

If you are going to try a strategy of iltintrafing other parties it is not very sensible to announce it publicly. Have these people not studied the Trotskyite idea of entryism? The Militant Tendency caused no end of trouble to the British Labour Party in the 1980s. They got two or three MPs elected and controlled Liverpool City Council for a time. The Trots had to be driven out of their positions of influence. No nonsense about crossing the floor. They did their best to stay as cuckoos in the nest.

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