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The Three-Step Liberal Program

When conservatives accuse liberals of doing something bad, the liberal defense often follows a three-step progression:

  • Step one: That's ridiculous! We are not doing anything of the kind! That's a crazy conspiracy theory and right wing propaganda. No one is even suggesting doing that!
  • Step two: Okay, that happens now and then. But those are the actions of a few extremists. That is certainly not a practice supported or defended by liberals in general.
  • Step three: Of course we're doing that, and we're proud that we're doing that. It's a positive good.

For example, consider the debate about teaching of Critical Race Theory in public schools. Republican Glen Youngkin ran for governor of Virginia with a platform that included ending CRT in the schools.

Democrats replied that no one was teaching CRT in public schools. For example, his Democrat opponent, Tery McAuliffe, said in an interview, "We dont teach Critical Race Theory. It's never been taught in Virginia. This is a made-up racist dog whistle." (MSNBC interview. Quote begins at about 2:40.) He and others said similar things on many other occasions.

Then just a few months after the election was over, the media hailed a statement, signed by 5000 teachers, pledging that they would continue to teach Critical Race Theory even if state legislatures passed laws requiring them to stop. New York Post, July 6, 2021))

So in just 7 months we went from "no one is doing this anywhere in the country" to 5,000 teachers publicly stating "yes we've been doing this and we will continue to do this no matter what you say".


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