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Vaccine Mandates

I'm writing this during the covid epidemic. Right now the government is enacting vaccine mandates. That is, the government is requiring people to get the vaccine whether they want it or not.

Most people who support a mandate don't say that they are going to force people to get the vaccine for their own good. I guess too many people object to the idea of forcing people to do something for their own good. Rather, the argument is that people should be forced to get the vaccine so that they can't spread the disease to others.

But ... if the vaccine works, then by definition that means that you won't get the disease. I mean, if you take the vaccine and then get the disease, then by definition the vaccine failed.

If the vaccine was 100% effective, then the argument for mandates would fall apart. If you get the vaccine, then there would be no way that anyone who didn't get the vaccine could pass the disease to you.

So the argument here is that people should be required by law to get the vaccine BECAUSE it might not work. By this curious logic, the less effective the vaccine is, the more that justifies making it mandatory!


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