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Withdrawing from Iraq

As I write this, Congress has voted to set a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq. They say they are determined to end the war.

Need I point out the obvious? Withdrawing from Iraq will not end the war. It will just move the front line from the Middle East back to North America, where it was when this all started on 9/11.

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Ahmad Dec 7, 2011

I was searching for finding a formula for a sequence of number and came across your web site.
Your method is amazing and it worked. It is long but working. I tried your program and liked it. Thank you.

After that I visited the home page and clicked on Politics link. I got surprised to see such thinker is thinking that the war comes to North America.

Why should you think you like that? did you find any connection between 911, North America and Iraq? Have you seen Fahrenheit 911 of Micheal Moore?
Iraq has nothing to do with any war, killing of American or treat to America and yet you just fined connection to Iraq. I am sorry for you.

Yes I agree the war will not ended. Why? because American has put too much fuel into it and it will burn for long time.

You Americans think that you can do anthing with your military power. You are wrong. You will see that your guns can't help you in Afghanistan and anywhere else. You might be victorious temporarly but you will fail.
America is based on false system of material. Just look around you. American are getting fat every day. Education level in schools is going low and low. Economy is collapsing. Family values are deteriaating. HIV is spreading everywhere due to your false policy of "homosexuality is human right" policy.

A person from Afghanistan and now Canadian

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