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The Best Scam Email Ever

I get lots of scam emails. Maybe you do too. But the best one I ever got was this:

It said it came from "County Court House". The text said that I was being sued and the relevant legal documents were attached, and I should open the attachment.

Several things about this message immediately struck me as suspicious:

  1. The attachment. Emails from strangers with attachments are always suspicious. If the attachment is an executable program, then clicking on it will run the program, and it could install a virus on your computer or do any number of harmful things.
  2. I noticed that there was no specific information in the email, other than my email address. It didn't have my name or address. It didn't say who was suing me or why. It didn't even say what county court house it was supposedly from, just "County Court House".
  3. I am not a lawyer, but it is my understanding that if you are suing someone, the documents have to be hand-delivered in person. You can't just send them an email. I presume because the court wants to make sure that the person really received it.
  4. But the real clincher was: The "from" address on the email was "". I don't know what the email address of my local county court house is, but I'm guessing that it's not

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